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Publication Supports

We provide our clients with them all publication support in the form of Manuscript & review publications, Systematic Literature Search, Conference & Meeting coverage, and Editorial helps.

Our team has vast experience in publishing articles and reviews in peer-reviewed journals and magazines.

Some of our selective activities are:

  • Patient data analysis and Publication

    • Abstract, Poster preparation for the congress

    • Manuscript Development for targeted Journals

    • Full-term editorial support towards publication

      • Submission checklist, Communication on Author's behalf

  • Clinical and Narrative reviews for publication

  • Systematic Literature Review (SLR) & Meta-analysis

    • Real-World Data & Pivotal Trials​

  • Writing Reviews, Clinical Compendiums, Case Series

  • KAP (Knowledge, Attitudes & Practices) Survey-based publications

  • Content and designing of News-letters & Brochures

  • Compiling & Capturing symposium, meeting reports & minutes 

We provide customized solutions to each project and develop proprietary tools, for robust and comprehensive data analysis.

Our expertise include:

  • Software based Meta-analysis

  • Proprietary excel tools for survival curves

  • Statistical data analysis

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