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Medico-Marketing Solutions

MEDICEPTION's strength is in generating medical content for Healthcare communications to establish our clients as a leader in their areas. 


  • Conduct & full support to Advisory Board meetings / CMEs

  • Webinars: Onsite & Offsite Services

  • Minute preparation and development of White /Position papers

  • Systematic Literature Review-based Meta-analysis

  • KOL Mapping, Profiling and Stratification

  • Case Study and Series

  • Patient Support Programs (PSP)

  • Patient Data analysis and development of Manuscript

  • Digital Bulletins & Advertisements

  • Product Monographs, Clinical Compendiums & Brand Endorsements

  • Infographic content (Videos & Snippets)


We carry out precise translations of documents to various foreign languages and Indic languages and have expertise in User Readability Tests. We also support the audio-visual transcription of samples. Our expertise is in:

  • Foreign languages:

    • Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Swahili, English, etc.

  • Indic languages:

    • Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujrati, etc.

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