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Real-world clinical evidence & Data analytics

Real world evidence (RWE) in medicine provides evidence and hypothesis obtained from real world data (RWD), which are observational data obtained beyond the context of randomized controlled trials (RCTs), and generated during routine clinical practice. RWE provides clinically-rich insights into what actually happens in everyday practice and why. RWE are important in understanding the utility of medical interventions in a broader, more representative patient population.

Mediception harnesses the actual information of your data set in a less turn-around-time, and provides Efficacy, Safety and Complaince outcomes of your studies, helping you to move your drug positioning faster.


Mediception is one of the preferred CRO in India for generating Real world evidence at Clinic & Pharma levels

Real World Data Set


Data available from routine OPDs


Data from Patient Sheet History


Small Randomized clinical trial studies


Genomic data at various global databases

Guideline for publication of RWE study:

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