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Medico-Marketing Course: (8 Modules)

1. Introduction to Pharma & Drug Discovery

a. Pharma World & Companies

b. Pre-clinical Phase

c. Clinical Phase

d. Post-Marketing Phase (RWE)

2. Basics of Medical Writing

a. Literature Search & Databases

b. Keyword Search

c. Plagiarism free Writing

d. Indexing

3. Patient Data Analysis

a. Preparing Case Report Forms (CRF)

b. Entry of patient data

c. Basic statistical analysis

d. Tests for Significance

4. Manuscript Writing

a. Types of Reviews

b. Narrative Review vs. Systematic Review

c. Structured Abstracts

d. Graphical Abstract

5. Slide deck preparation

a. Desktop Search

b. Slide preparation

c. Use fo Smart-art

d. Infographic snippets

6. Medical Documents

a. Case series

b. Clinical Compendium

c. Product Monograph

d. Clinical Rationale

7. Marketing Collaterals

a. Leave Behind Literature (LBL)

b. Infographic Letters

c. Case Study

d. Meeting Minutes

8. Digital Documents

a. e-Invitation

b. e-News Letter

c. e-Posters

d. Cover-pages

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